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Bill & I want to thank you again for your help with our little Sophie. We just recently passed her nine month anniversary with us, and she is a wonderful dog! We haven’t had any accidents in the house in months; she has come to love and trust us and we her; and she’s HAPPY — she walks around smiling all the time!

All thanks to your guidance and intervention. As we continue to tell people, Staci saved our relationship with this dog.”

Kathryn T.

“Hi Staci,

Thank you for the e-mail and the great lesson. I have taken Wendy on several walks since then and the difference in both of us is amazing! I have my pocket packed with treats and mostly practice with the turn around. She loves her treats and is happy to go the other way to get them.

The best part is that I am enjoying our walks together and I think she is too. I no longer am afraid when a possible situation comes our way as you have shown me the tools to use to get out of it relatively stress free.

Thank you for showing me that I can enjoy my new addition and that positive reinforcement works much better than punitive actions.”

Yvonne D.

“Hi Staci,

I just had to share a major victory with Jameson!  I’ve been practicing the “wait” command at the front door. I had him “WAIT” at the open door and then turned my back to him and went around the side of the house to get groceries out of the garage – I was out of eye site!!!  He not only waited for me at the door but he did not jump out when he saw me come around the front walk!!   He waited at the door, did not cross the threshold!!!

This has been a wonderful set of classes for him – Thank you so much!!”

Julie E.

“Thank you SO much, Staci:

All three dogs are doing so well, and your training has helped immensely already. We’re finding that Percy is a very quick learner – took him one night sleeping on his own in the guest room to get the hang of not barking to wake us up! He’s now back in the kitchen sleeping with Rose & Susan and doing a great job. Still using the time-outs when needed when he whines during the day – but, it’s becoming less frequent. Overall, our house is a MUCH more peaceful place and the dogs seem happier than ever – can’t thank you enough! We’re so happy to be working with you.”

Anne W.

“Hi Staci,

Thank you very much for your information and training tips. I don’t know if I should say that Pikachu is a quick learner or you are a great trainer, or both. I think Pikachu already gets it. I am very happy with the results. And I will definitely refer you to my friends. Thank you again for your time.”

Tina H.

“Couldn’t be happier with our results! Excellent training techniques and support”.

C. Hesla

“Staci was so great to work with — we literally saw our pup adapting his behavior after her very first training session. She is so knowledgeable, calm and great at getting the whole family involved in training exercises. Definitely recommend Manners for Mutts”!

J. Lloyd

“Staci was so much help to me and my family when we brought home our dog, Owden. I had a million questions and Staci patiently answered them all while working with us to better understand what our dog needs and how we can facilitate boundaries and fun with our pup. It was money well spent.

Staci worked with our schedule and young children. Training was fun and something I looked forward to. Owden loved her too! If your dog (or you) is in need of some training, call Manners for Mutts. I’m so glad we did”.

A. Johnson

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