group training classes

Group dog training classes are a great way to start teaching your dog basic obedience skills and meet other dogs and owners. Group classes provide the perfect environment for learning the basics while helping to develop your dog’s social skills. Group classes help you learn to work with your dog to keep their attention in a new place and with distractions.

 New Group Class – Life Skills & Manners

Teaching your dog valuable life skills through positive reinforcement training!

Society places huge demands on dogs today. Many of their natural behaviors, such as barking, digging, jumping and chasing, are considered to be “problem” behaviors. Dogs have to be taught what is and isn’t acceptable behavior.

Dogs are wonderfully adept at fitting into many different situations as long as they are given guidance and direction as to what is expected of them. All dogs need to learn the basics of living in human society.

This program is designed to give dogs a solid set of basic skills, that allow them to participate fully in the family’s activities.

Life Skills & Manners is the perfect starter class for any dog with little or no training. Life Skills & Manners is open to dogs 4 months and older. The class consists of 6 one-hour training sessions. Open enrollment means you can start the class at any time!

Here are just some of the skills you and your dog will learn:

  • Basic behaviors like “sit”, “down”, “stay”
  • Leash walking skills
  • Come when called
  • Hand targeting, name recognition and attention
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Body handling and grooming

In addition, each dog and owner team will receive an instruction manual, certificate, and dog toy for graduation!

Classes are taught at the beautiful Paw Sweet Paw Pet Hotel, in their climate controlled, indoor training room.

Proof of vaccinations, including Rabies, will be required for enrollment.

Class fee – $200.00

For more information please contact us!!


**This class is for dogs that need basic training only.
Dogs must not have any history of aggression towards humans or other dogs.**

Download the Life Skills & Manners Class Sign-up form here: