Puppies – The Best Start Possible

F.R.A.P. Attack!!

I hear this from every puppy owner – “he goes crazy every day about the same time. He runs through the house, tail tucked and wild eyed, barking and grabbing at anything he can get his mouth on!” What they are describing is a...

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Time To Get Social!

The theme of this blog post is new experiences! It isn’t possible to socialize your puppy to everything he’ll encounter in his adult life. What you can do is teach him this lesson: "An interaction with something new usually has a good outcome". Learning this lesson...

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Home Alone

Puppies are programmed to seek out social connections for safety and comfort. Spending time alone is something that is naturally foreign to them, and that they probably did not experienced in early puppyhood while they were with their mother and littermates. However,...

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