As a new puppy parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your puppy safe and healthy right from the start.

But… it can get confusing when you realize there is so much conflicting information out there about what is and isn’t safe for puppies when it comes to vaccinations and socialization.

In this episode, I dive into everything you need to know about vaccinating your puppy. I break down the science behind vaccines, the importance of early socialization, and how to navigate conflicting information. I’ll explain the immune response triggered by vaccines, the necessity of a series of vaccinations to protect puppies as maternal antibodies wane, and the role of titer testing.

Join me to learn more about:
  • Why vaccinations are crucial in protecting your puppy from potentially life-threatening diseases.
  • How vaccines stimulate your puppy’s immune system to build defenses against diseases – breaking down the science in simple terms.
  • The role of maternal antibodies and why puppies need a series of vaccinations to ensure full protection.
  • Strategies to help you balance early socialization, while keeping your puppy safe from disease.
  • The common vaccines your puppy needs and some of the controversies and myths surrounding them.
  • BONUS: How to prepare your dog for a safe 4th of July weekend – tips on how to keep your puppy calm and safe during the celebrations.

Let’s ensure our furry friends get the best start in life! Tune in for all the essential tips and expert advice you need to raise a healthy, happy puppy.

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