Struggling with a shy or fearful dog?

In this episode, I share expert tips and personal experience on this topic as a dog trainer and vet tech. I discuss the reasons behind a dog’s fearfulness, such as genetic predisposition and lack of socialization, and provide eight tips to build their confidence. I also share my personal journey with my dog, Rowdy, who despite his reputable breeding, was a shy and fearful puppy. I was on the verge of returning him to the breeder, but instead, I chose to help him build his confidence.

Join me to learn more about:

  • A story about my shy dog, Rowdy
  • Reasons behind a dog’s fearfulness including genetic predisposition and lack of socialization
  • Eight tips to build a shy or fearful dog’s confidence
  • How to identify and protect your dog from triggers
  • Tips for reading your dogs body language
  • Trainer’s Choice: Six tips to help dogs cope with the holiday season

Understanding the reasons behind a dog’s fearfulness and implementing the right strategies can help them become more confident. Remember, every dog deserves to feel safe, loved, and confident.

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