Calling all pup parents struggling with the world of potty training!
Get ready for an episode that’ll transform your puppy parenting game! In this episode, I share top five mistakes even the savviest new pup parents stumble upon during this important training phase. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial for a successful potty training experience, but many puppy parents make them without even knowing. Here’s a brief overview of the common blunders I dive into in the episode:
  • Giving puppies too much freedom too soon… leaving them with more opportunities to make bad choices.
  • Not using safe confinement when not directly interacting with the puppy.
  • Relying on potty pads instead of going outdoors.
  • Not going outside with the puppy when it’s potty time.
  • Forgetting to reward the puppy for a job well done.
By sidestepping these common slip-ups, you’re not just embarking on a journey to potty success – you’re building a strong bond with your pup that’s full of tail wags and shared victories!
Thank you for taking the time to help your dog become a more well-mannered mutt! Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive more training tips, canine wellness advice and fun activities for dogs and their owners!
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