Rumble is 8 months old now and this was her first 4th of July. One never knows how this is going to go but, I prepared her for it ahead of time. Every one of my puppies listens to noises right from the start, and not just fireworks either. Rumble is no exception, and so she has heard fireworks – sort of. What I mean is that she’s heard recordings of fireworks.

My goal was to wear her out before it got dark and fireworks started. So first we went to a BBQ at a friend’s house with about a dozen other dogs present. Rumble was in heaven! She had people, dogs to chase, dogs to chase her, toys, snacks, a kiddie pool, kids, horses and a pot-bellied pig! And, while Rowdy spent most of his time glued to my side or on my lap, I hardly saw Rumble!


Once home, it was nap time, then a potty walk and a game of fetch at the park. Now, Rumble’s version of fetch is a bit different from the real thing. Her idea of fetch is to get the toy, show it to Rowdy (usually by shoving it in his face) and hope that he chases her trying to get the toy away from her. It’s great fun . . . for Rumble!

I celebrate the 4th of July every year by breaking out the bubble machine. Yep, we do bubbles instead of fireworks. This year was also Rumbles first bubble experience – she wasn’t very impressed. I guess bubbles made with Dawn dish washing soap don’t taste very good!

Right now, the sun is going down and the fireworks have started. The bubble machine is put away and we’re all indoors with the windows closed, the TV and AC are on. The bully sticks are ready for the “big show” but so far Rumble is asleep in the kitchen – YAY!! Exactly what I hoped would happen.