dreamstime_xs_23761755 (1)Socialization is an essential part of creating a well-balanced, well-behaved dog. But, when it comes to socializing your dog, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Doing it wrong can cause more harm than good. Proper socialization involves introducing your dog to new and different people, sounds, surfaces, animals, and environments.

However, it’s important that the experience be a positive one. It’s important to realize that socialization does not mean forcing your dog into a situation in which he is uncomfortable. If your dog is in a situation where he seems shy, worried, overly stimulated or aggressive, the best thing to do is to quietly leave the situation.

For more information on proper socialization contact Manners for Mutts Dog Training, we’ll help guide through the socialization process!

Exposure to something new + Pleasant Rewarding Consequence = Proper Socializing.