Month: April 2016

Home Alone

Puppies are programmed to seek out social connections for safety and comfort. Spending time alone is something that is naturally foreign to them, and that they probably did not experienced in early puppyhood while they were with their mother and littermates. However,...

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The Training Tether

A training tether is a temporary management tool that can be used to prevent behavior problems or assist in resolving an existing problem. The idea is to tether your dog in the places where your family spends time, such as the kitchen, TV room, or living room, so he...

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Socializing or terrorizing?

Socialization is an essential part of creating a well-balanced, well-behaved dog. But, when it comes to socializing your dog, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Doing it wrong can cause more harm than good. Proper socialization involves introducing your dog...

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