I’m sure by now most of you have seen the amazing video of Tara, the cat that saved her boy from a vicious dog attack. (If you haven’t seen it, you can here, http://youtu.be/JtZeHTQ1pXQ)That video has gone viral, rightfully so, it’s shocking!

May 18 -24, 2014 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Each year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. Children are, by far, the most common victims of dog bites and are far more likely to be severely injured. Senior citizens are the second most common dog bite victims.

Information and education are the best solutions for this public health crisis. National Dog Bite Prevention Week, sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), aims to bring awareness and education to the public. “Even the gentlest dog, if it is physically or mentally unhealthy, is in pain, feels threatened, or is protecting its food or a favorite toy, can bite,” said AVMA President Dr. Clark Fobian. Understanding what a dog’s behavior is telling us and how our behavior may be interpreted by a dog is essential to reducing dog bites.

The boy in the video mentioned earlier did nothing to provoke this dog. However, in many instances people, children in particular, misread a dog’s body language and bites occur as a result. Please take the time to educate yourself, and your children, in an effort to reduce the number of dog bites in this country.

Please visit the links below for information, videos, and free downloads:

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