Hundreds of thousands of dogs have been turned into animal shelters because their owners didn’t know how to deal with behavior problems and couldn’t find a reliable resource to help them. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has selected January as the perfect month to bring awareness to the importance of dog training and socialization, and most of all, to inform the public that training your dog can be simple and fun!

Many dogs and puppies are adopted and brought home during the winter holidays. The APDT wishes to help these new pet parents start off the New Year with their newest family member in the best way possible. The APDT is planning a variety of events in January 2012 to celebrate National Train Your Dog Month. All dog owners are invited visit the event web site so that they can see how easy and fun training can be, and how patience, consistency and a deeper understanding of their dog’s behavior can lead to happier, healthier and harmonious households. Dog owners will find a wide range of topics covered so that they will recognize themselves & their dogs. There is also great deal of information that will help, using methods that are kind and gentle, and that have an emphasis on building trusting and respectful relationships with dogs.

In addition, the APDT has more than 6000 members who are willing and able to help dog owners who need help with their dogs. If there is one thing that current television shows about dog training have taught the public, it’s that there are solutions to help dogs with behavior problems and there are alternatives to try before giving up your dog.