Last week we had an earthquake here in So Cal. What’s the big deal you say . . . that happens all the time in California? Yes, it does, and most Californians hardly blink an eye unless there’s significant damage. Think Northridge 1994, that quake registered 6.9 on the Richter scale and made national headlines due to damage and loss of life.

Last week’s earthquake was a 3.5; just enough to shake you awake from a sound sleep, but hardly worth grabbing loved ones and heading for the nearest doorway. For my friends that don’t live in California, you’re supposed to stand in a doorway during an earthquake because doorways are believed to be stronger that the rest of the structure. It’s really just a myth.

So why am I blogging about a less than ordinary earthquake? Because it was Cord’s first one. Most of the rest of my crew are used to earthquakes; Dempsey barely opened an eye, Flurry ran and hid but she’s flighty anyway, and Annie came in off the patio and curled up on the floor next to the bed. Cord on the other hand, went into the living room and came back with my tennis shoes in his mouth. “I got your shoes mom in case we need to evacuate!” He was so proud of himself.