The “Be a Tree” program is a fun and interactive program that teaches school aged children how to read dog body language. They learn that dogs have feelings and emotions and that they show these in various ways.

Sometimes dogs want to meet children and sometimes they don’t. Children learn not to fear dogs, but to judge when a dog does or does not want to play or be petted. They learn to recognize the signs of a happy dog (panting and wagging his tail and sitting with his owner) and to recognize the displacement behaviors dogs show when they are anxious and don’t want to interact (licking their chops, yawning, turning away or showing a half moon of white in their eye). They learn that a pushy type of dog may be staring with mouth closed and/or holding his tail way up in the air. Most importantly the children learn that dogs don’t like hugs and kisses and they learn how to be a tree (stand still with your hands folded in front and watch your roots grow) until the dog goes away or help comes.

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