This is one of Cord’s favorite toys. When I bought it for him I thought it would be a great way for him to entertain himself while I was busy working on the computer. The idea of these kinds of toys is that the dog has to learn how to get the squirrels out of the stump (or bees out of a hive, or rabbits out of a hat) before they can play with them. There are three squirrels in the stump and each one has a squeaker in it, so the dog gets a jackpot of toys when he’s successful. Now, with Cord I sometimes wonder if the neurons in his brain fire at all and at other times I can’t believe how quickly he learns new things. Well, he caught on quickly with “Stumps and Squirrels”! The object of the game is to empty out the squirrels as fast as you can, spend some time with each one chewing the ears off, then present mom with the empty stump so she can refill it and the game can start over. Fact is I love these kinds of toys. I get many calls from people complaining that their dog is digging, chewing, barking or whatever. In most cases it’s because the dogs are bored. Dogs now days are woefully under employed with very few opportunities to use their brains. Toys like these give dogs a positive outlet for mental energy and can be very useful in keeping your possessions preserved and your neighbors happy!!