On a cold, rainy Sunday morning, nothing tastes as good a nice, hot, bowl of oatmeal! As I’m gathering the ingredients together, I am noticeable stepping over two very attentive dogs. Annie knows “keep out” means, “Get out of the kitchen when mom is cooking”. Now its time to teach the puppy to “keep out”. Armed with treats I say, “keep out” as I point and move toward the kitchen entrance. I ask for a down and give him his treat and hearty praise. As he moves to get up and follow me back into the kitchen, I body block him and ask for another down, no treat this time just a “good boy” to let him know he’s correct. I return to my oatmeal. The puppy moves back into the kitchen and once again, I point and say, “keep out”. This time I don’t need to move with him, he backs up past the threshold. I wait to see if he remembers the “down” part. After a few seconds, he lies down. Yay, what a smart boy, lots of treats and praise!! So, after only three tries he gets it, and stays out of the kitchen. I am able to cook and enjoy my oatmeal without stepping on, or tripping over, any dogs.