I took the puppy hiking today and it was a grey, overcast, drizzly day; Bulldog weather. See, this kind of day is perfect for squishy faced dogs like Bulldogs, nice and cool. I have a bulldog puppy in my current puppy class, Lola, and she’s cute as all get out!! Last weekend when it was 100° and something out she came to class and I kept reminding her mom to “give Lola a drink”, “dip her feet in the water bucket”, “don’t let her play too long with the other pups”. Was I being a nag, no way! I was speaking from experience. You’re looking at a person with 10 years of dog training experience and 16 years as a vet tech and I overheated my co-workers bulldog when I allowed her to play too long with my puppy, and this was in an air conditioned building!! Luckily, it all worked out o.k and Genie’s fine. Bulldogs don’t think “hey I’m getting awfully hot, I think I’ll stop playing and cool off,” so we have to do it for them. Hopefully the heat is behind us for the season and we can all enjoy the Bulldog weather – be safe out there!!