Cord day 1, evening really. We picked him up about 7:00 and headed home. The first thing he did was put his feet on the hand rest to look out and rolled down the window!! I hadn’t even had him 15 minutes when he scared the heck out of me!! This ones gonna be trouble!! Allow me to introduce Legends StarN Cordovan Cowboy– Cord for short. Actually, he was an angel his first night home. He rode in the car great, did very well with the cats, pottied outside, ate his dinner with gusto and slept through the night.

The next morning we awoke to the sound of the cat crashing through the dog door and vertical blinds – “wooo-wooo-wooo, who goes there”? 4:30 am. Well, since we’re up, how about a potty?? Good boy, a pee and poop outside, so far 100% on potty training. Today was a big day – met the neighbors and their dogs, went to agility class with Annie – more people and dogs, plus tunnels and walking over poles on the ground. Introduction to the Manners Minder – scary at first then “hey this thing gives out food”! Also, we started learning to walk on a leash, our name, sit and down. The next two days He went to work with mom at the veterinary hospital and met lots of new people and dogs. He did really well, a tad bit shy at first, but warmed up very fast. He’s getting used to the sounds of living in the city that at first startled him a little. He does tend to bark at things he’s unsure of. I’m hand feeding him or putting his kibble in a food toy and we are working on basic behaviors. He’s a very quick study when food is involved!! We did have a little argument over brushing, but once he figured out that his temper tantrum wasn’t going to get me to stop, and the treats were only for cooperative puppies, he gave in and stood still. Oh, and we’re still 100% on the potty training!!