January is National Train Your Dog Month!!

Hundreds of thousands of dogs have been turned into animal shelters because their owners didn’t know how to deal with behavior problems and couldn’t find a reliable resource to help them. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has selected January as the perfect...

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I Bet Your Dog Can’t Climb a Tree!

When you see pictures of dogs performing these behaviors what goes through your mind?? You might think “How’d they get the dog to do that”? or “Wow, that’s a really well-trained dog”! I have to admit, these are really cool tricks! But do you really care if your dog...

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Do You Recognize This Plant??

It has spiky leaves and a trunk that looks like a Pineapple. It’s a Sago Palm, a member of the Cycad family. Its hardy, easy to grow and drought tolerant, which makes it a popular ornamental plant for homes and yards. It’s also toxic to pets! While all parts of the...

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Social Butterfly or Lone Wolf?

Let face it, even the most outgoing person on the planet doesn’t like every person they meet! Some of us have huge circles of friends, while others of us stick to a select few. Dogs are no different. Even well socialized dogs don’t like every other dog they meet. Most...

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How to Choose a Dog Daycare

Dog daycare has become very popular, and facilities are popping up everywhere. Daycare for dogs can be wonderful for exercise and socialization. But, how can you be sure that your dog will be safe and have fun? Here's a list of must-haves for dog daycare: Supervision...

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