Why Do We Expect So Much Of Our Dogs?

We expect them to live in our human world without ever acting like dogs. We expect them to be able to go anywhere and everywhere and have impeccable manners. We expect them to welcome attention from anyone who desires to approach and touch them. And, we expect them to...

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How to turn 17¢ into $1800.00!

Once, when I was working as a vet tech, we had a sheltie puppy come in that was sick and had been vomiting for several days. When we x-rayed the pup, we found that he had eaten coins – a dime, a nickel and 2 pennies. After surgery, hospitalization and an $1800.00 vet...

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F.R.A.P. Attack!!

I hear this from every puppy owner – “he goes crazy every day about the same time. He runs through the house, tail tucked and wild eyed, barking and grabbing at anything he can get his mouth on!” What they are describing is a Frenetic Random Activity Period (FRAP),...

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