Positive Does Not Mean Permissive!

Just because I train my dogs using positive reinforcement does not mean I am permissive. I do not simply ignore "bad" behavior, I address it. In my training, I choose to use a mix of acceptable reinforcers and acceptable punishers. However, that never includes...

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Is It Play or Something Else?

Safe, healthy play between dogs can provide exercise, fun and help build social skills. Puppies need play to learn proper dog – dog communication and how to get along with others. Rough or inappropriate play can cause more harm than good. “Bad” play can leave a dog...

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Is Your Dog Afraid of Fireworks?

For many of us the 4th of July means fun, friends, food and fireworks. But it may not be so much fun for our dogs. Fireworks can be terrifying to some dogs! Shelters report that the 5th of July is the one of busiest days of the year. More dogs are...

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Own and Embrace Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

In my training, I WANT my dogs to make mistakes. I embrace them. I believe that dogs learn just as much from getting it wrong as they do from getting it right; they learn what doesn’t work! I want my dogs to be able to learn that, for instance, the reward doesn’t come...

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Time To Get Social!

The theme of this blog post is new experiences! It isn’t possible to socialize your puppy to everything he’ll encounter in his adult life. What you can do is teach him this lesson: "An interaction with something new usually has a good outcome". Learning this lesson...

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