love your dog but not his or her behavior? we can help!

Unlike obedience training, which teaches a dog to perform specific behaviors when requested, behavior modification works to change a dog’s reaction to a situation, person, thing, or animal. While behavior modification makes use of obedience training techniques, such as teaching a dog to sit or lie down, these taught behaviors are called on as “tools” in an overall program that hopes to change how the dog thinks, feels and acts.





Mischievous mutt

Behavior modification

Does your dog need more than just basic training? Behavior modification simply means changing, or modifying, a behavior. Our Mischievous Mutt Behavior Modification Plan can help with:

  • Leash Reactivity
  • Fear Issues
  • Separation Issues
  • Hyperactivity
  • Destructiveness
  • Resource guarding
  • Excessive  barking

This plan starts with a consultation to determine the severity of the problem and the length of time needed for training. We’ll take an in-depth history, evaluate the behavior in action (if appropriate) and then outline a training plan that will include the following:

  • Management – controlling the dog’s environment so the unwanted behavior doesn’t occur. This serves to eliminate opportunities for the dog to continue “practicing” the behavior we are trying to change.
  • Training – Teaching the dog to look to you for leadership by controlling the resources (learning to “Say Please”) and putting into place alternative behaviors that we will then use as the “tools” to implement the training plan.
  • Change your dog’s emotional response – We will identify what triggers your dog’s unwanted behavior and use Desensitization and Counter-conditioning to change your dog’s internal emotional feelings about those things. Therefore, changing the behavior in the presence of the “triggers”.
  • Consultation Fee – $150.00 (90 minutes)
  • Follow-up Training Sessions (50 minutes) – $115.00 each
  • Package of 5 Follow-up Training Sessions (50 minutes each) – $500.00

Please note: Manners for Mutts does not work with serious aggression cases. However, in many circumstances what looks like “aggression” is really a misinterpretation of the dog’s behavior. Please contact us so we can discuss your unique situation. If needed, We can also suggest an appropriate trainer who uses positive training methods to help you with your dog.

**Free 30 minute in-home consult is not applicable for behavior modification cases**