are you a parent juggling an active toddler and a dog?

Often the first several months have gone smoothly and many families are caught off guard when their dog begins to show discomfort with the new developmental changes of their mobile baby. As licensed Family Paws Parent Educators, we specialize in dog and toddler dynamics. We understand that the transition from baby to toddler will cause some major adjustments within your family and household. The goal of this this program is to create a safe, harmonious environment for both toddlers and dogs.





Mommies & Mutts

for new parents


We offer insight and proactive options for some of the common challenges families with dogs experience as baby becomes mobile. You’ll get positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise for families with dogs and a baby that has become a toddler. Count on us to guide you every step of the way!

  • Answers to your questions about dog and toddler dynamics.
  • Must-know information for parents who have babies soon to be crawling or walking.
  • Advice about common trouble spots between toddlers and dogs in a home.
  • Practical solutions, from activities to include your dog to daily routines and management.
  • Insight into how your changing family dynamics may affect your dog.

A private, in-home consultation includes:

  • Two 1-hour meetings with a trainer.
  • A Mommies & Mutts New Parent booklet.
  • Customized solutions for your growing family.

Here are some of the topics included in the consultation:

  • Management options that fit the home environment.
  • The types of supervision critical when dogs and toddlers live together
  • Exercises and techniques tailored to the different developmental stages of toddlers.
  • The importance of including family dogs in household activities.
  • The common but often overlooked “impulsive re-homing phase.”
  • The subtle body language of dogs.